Traffic accidents

Our law firm offers legal services in the field of traffic accidents as a comprehensive bundle of services from the moment an accident occurs between different parties, through representation in misdemeanour and defence in criminal proceedings if our client is charged as a result of an accident. If injured in a traffic accident, we help clients pursue and prove their claims for damages in a qualified manner to achieve the maximum possible compensation no matter if the responsible party is located domestically or abroad.

When dealing with damages, we rigorously ensure that there are no unauthorised reductions in insurance benefits. Our firm has extensive experience in traffic accidents involving a foreignelement, including in lawsuits requiring knowledge of foreign laws. In our practice we have helped many of the survivors of victims of tragic traffic accidents successfully pursue claims for non-pecuniary damage.

Comprehensive legal services related to traffic accidents at home and abroad

Representation and defence of parties involved in traffic accidents in misdemeanour and criminal proceedings

Representation of victims and survivors in pursuing claims seeking compensation for material damages, injury, and non-pecuniary damages from the responsible party resulting from a traffic accident

Legal services when insurance benefits from the responsible party and the collision insurance provider are reduced

Legal assistance in recourse proceedings

Legal services and representation in cases where service shops fail to professionally restore a damaged motor vehicle to its original condition