Criminal law

Our law firm provides legal counselling and qualified legal representation in the area of criminal law for those accused of committing any type of crime and victims. We provide clients with complete representation in the phase before a criminal proceeding begins, throughout the preparatory process involving law enforcement (during the investigation) and in all phases of proceedings involving the courts and dealing with the criminal law agenda.

When providing a defence for the accused within a criminal proceeding we seek out and secure evidence serving to benefit the client, while defence tactics are rigorously and carefully prepared with respect to the individual factual and legal status of the case and the specific needs of the client. If necessary, we collaborate with experts from various sectors and specialisations with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for our client.

Defence of the accused in any stage of criminal proceedings

Participation in investigative acts

Representation of the injured in criminal proceedings and enforcement of their claims

Legal counselling in the area of compensation of crime victims

Representation in the process of proving ability during a probationary period, conditional abandonment of sentence, etc.