Collective bargaining

Our wealth of labour law experience is based on the legal services we offer to trade unions and employers in the process of creating trade unions, and in collective bargaining processes involving the conclusion and amendment of collective bargaining agreements. We represent clients in resolving collective bargaining disputes concerning the conclusion of collective bargaining agreements and the fulfilment of obligations under collective bargaining agreements.

On an individualised basis, we provide legal consultancy to employers for the purpose of assessing the efficacy of collective bargaining agreements covering temporarily assigned employees.

We help guide constructive and sensitive dialogue between employers and employees at the level of collectively bargained labour relations and within the amendment and termination thereof, while placing emphasis on compliance with all relevant legislation and collective bargaining agreements.

Comprehensive legal services within collectively bargained labour relations

Legal consultancy in the collective bargaining process between trade union organisations and employers

Involvement in negotiations to conclude and amend collective bargaining agreements, and in the process of an employer’s accession to a higher level collective bargaining agreement

Legal assistance in resolving collective bargaining disputes

Legal representation in proceedings examining an arbiter’s decision in a dispute concerning the fulfilment of obligations within a collective bargaining agreement

Representation in proceedings examining the lawfulness of a strike or lockout