Shipping law

Our law firm has provided our clients over the long term and on a regular basis with highly specialised and comprehensive legal consultancy related to owning and operating vessels and floating equipment. We represent clients in all proceedings before governmental and environmental authorities within the vessel registration process and in the permitting for anchoring floating equipment (including houseboats) in waterways.

As one of the few law firms in Slovakia, we have gained extensive and valuable experience throughout our law practice in matters concerning navigational safety, waterway activities and even conducting investigations and providing legal assistance in the case of shipping accidents.

Legal assistance and legal counsel in the process of registering vessels and floating equipment

Representation of clients before state administration bodies in all legal matters related to inland navigation

Comprehensive legal consultancy and representation in matters related to anchoring floating equipment in a waterway and questions related to activities in a waterway

Representation before state professional supervision bodies concerning waterway administration and maintenance

Specialised legal consultancy in matters concerning shipping accidents