Employment law


Within the area of employment law, our law firm provides a broad range of legal counselling to the involved parties (employers and employees) for the purposes of ensuring the full enforcement of their rights under applicable legislation and in the event of labour disputes and out-of-court negotiations. Our law firm has extensive experience in successful representation of clients in labour disputes, regardless of the legal standing of the client and the type of labour dispute involved.

To employers we provide our services in the preparation and revising of the employment agenda and in the drafting of internal employment regulations, while making the greatest possible use of legal protections within employment relations. For employees we provide representation within the enforcement of their rights, and in the assessment of issues regarding their employment, always depending on the individual needs and expectations of the client.

Preparation of employment contracts and comprehensive industrial documentation

Preparation of in-house industrial employer regulations

Representation of employees and employers in any type of industrial disputes

Participation in out-of-court discussions with employees and employers

Legal counselling in the area of termination of employment relationships

Representation of clients in connection with the performance of labour inspection