Food law

While food law is not a dedicated branch of law, food business operators have begun to encounter its specifics more and more frequently in recent years. Food law continues to develop and is evolving in response to technological advancements in society, and to new scientific and research breakthroughs. To ensure food quality and safety standards are met, including proper labelling, a tremendous quantity of legislation has been adopted at the European, international and, finally, harmonised national level and in which it is extremely difficult to orientate and even more difficult to apply such legislation correctly in practice.

Given this situation, the food business operators often become aware of their statutory obligations during the control process, when control authorities issue fines for the identified discrepancies. Our law firm provides food business operators with comprehensive legal consultancy in the area of food law, focused primarily on effective prevention, and the harmonisation of production processes and the labelling of food products by businesses with domestic and international legislation, including legal assistance in completing all related contracts at the business level.

Comprehensive legal consultancy for food business operators

Legal assistance for labelling food products in accordance with European and national legislation

Legal consultancy for importing food from third countries and representation in the product certification process

Representation in all proceedings before food control authorities

Monitoring alerts issued within the European Rapid Alert System