Compensation for counsel

Our law firm provides legal services in a diverse spectrum of legal areas and in different languages, which also means that the services our firm provides are intended for various types of clients.

Depending on the individual needs and expectations of the client, the nature, type, professional and time demands and scope of legal services, we offer our clients different forms of compensation for counselling in accordance with Ministry of Justice Decree No. 655/2004 Coll. on Remuneration and Compensation for Lawyers for Providing Legal Services.

The priority at our firm is the satisfaction of our client with the provided legal services and with the price they pay for such services, while the price itself and the form of compensation is always agreed upon with the client advance and before the conclusion of any agreement to provide legal services so that the compensation for such services and the method of its calculation for the client and under all circumstances is understandable and predictable.

We understand and accept that compensation is one of the key factors considered by clients when choosing a lawyer and that is why the method of compensation for our services is always defined based on the individual needs of the client and the nature of the legal services that the client is seeking.

When providing legal services to our clients, we primarily are compensated at an hourly rate, using tariff-based compensation for individual activities at amounts defined in advance, project-based lump sums for a specific volume of legal services agreed in advance, percentage fees, or a combination of the above types of compensation.

With respect to the records of individual legal services that are provided, we use specialised software designed exclusively for law firms to provide transparency and a means of control over the executed and recorded activities throughout the period in which we act as your legal representation.

If you have any questions related to compensation for the services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to provide you with an individual quotation after considering the appropriateness of a particular method of remuneration.